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Welcome! Hear Sheri live every Thursday night at 7 p.m. on Journey into the light internet radio! Sheri is a guest on the show, where she talks about spirituality, being psychic, and answers a question when you call in.

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Psychic Medium, Mystic and Healer Sheri Brown

Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing, Reiki, Massage & More

Welcome! It’s a privilege to be here and share my gifts. I have  been sensitive to energies, spirits, and environments since I was a small child.  My friends and family noticed my psychic abilities and would come to me for advice. I would get a message in a dream, image or thought, that would be confirmed as accurate.  I was interested as long as I can remember in metaphysics.  In the beginning my interest was in healing work. I learned several modalities of healing, and worked on myself, family and friends. I spend many hours reading, taking classes and eventually putting my skills to the test at psychic fairs, healing sessions and private readings.

I love what I do, and my focus is one YOU, the client. My reading style is open, honest and direct, with a focus on empowering you. I can see things in past, present and future, however, I have a healers heart, and will look for the cause or the block to why situations keep coming up. My desire is for you to have Clarity to see the big picture, Insight as why its happening, and Wellness, is changing or accepting your life path, so that you are free from fears, controls and other things that keep you from your best life now.

When I read, I get feelings, a clear sense of knowing, I hear and I can see images. I use these skills to assist you in knowing what it is that you need to know, to make wise decisions in your life. I connect with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and the Holy Spirit for my sessions.  Please come see me, or schedule a session on the phone.


Sheri Brown

Sheri Brown is a natural born Emphatic Clairvoyant, who can see and hear into the spirit world. Sheri uses these skills in her intuitive consultations. Sheri furthered her skills by studying to become a Reiki Master, Licensed  Massage Therapist, and a Yoga Teacher, among many other classes and certifications.  Her skills include Clairvoyance, Medium, Reiki and Chakra/Aura Cleansing & Balancing. Sheri is also a Certified hypnotist for weight loss and smoking cessation. Her intention is to use these skills in order to assist people with shifting blocks in their lives and integrating their mind, body and spirit into one.

Sheri has owned several small businesses through the years, and has a small holistic spa in Atlanta.  Sheri  went to college and studies Paralegal, and Political Science.  She holds a real estate license, where she practiced residential and then commercial real estate. She is the mother of three children, who have had exceptional accomplishments on their own. 2 dogs, Minnie, Buddy and one foster dog, Daisy. Sheri loves animals and supports no kill shelters.

Sheri loves to dance, listen to chants, work on her spiritual practices that include meditation, chants, pranayama, yoga, and connecting with her guides and ascended masters. Sheri believes in living a healthy lifestyle and juices, cleanses, exercises regularly in addition to her spiritual practices. Sheri teaches a series of classes, the schedule in on meetup, which include topics such as: Abundance and Prosperity, Chakra Balance, Intuitive Advancement, and Awakening your life.

No matter what you come to Sheri for, you will always leave with the feeling of love and peace, as she radiates those qualities.