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Psychic Sheri Brown offers Clarity & Insight

It’s a privilege to share my gifts with
you. I have been sensitive to energies, spirits, and environments all my life. I get messages in dreams, see images and have a clear sense of knowing how a situation will unfold. My reading style is open, honest and direct.  I can see things in past, present and future. I bring Clarity about your situation, Insight as to the lessons to be learned.

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Sheri is a natural born Emphatic Clairvoyant, (psychic) who can see and hear into the spirit world. Sheri uses these skills in her intuitive practice. Sheri is a Reiki Master, L.M.T. and Yoga Teacher.  Sheri is also a Certified hypnotist and can assist you with issues such as smoking and weight loss.

Sheri is a small business owner and founded both Relinquish Spa and  Enerchi Yoga with her daughter Adrianna.  Sheri  went to college for legal studies.  She holds a real estate license, where she helps friends and family find their dream home. Sheri is mother of three exceptional grown children.  She is the dog mom for Minnie, a rescue mix and Buddy, a Frenchton.  Sheri loves animals and supports no kill shelters.

Sheri loves to dance, listen to music and enjoy her spiritual practices . Her practices include meditation, chants, pranayama, yoga, and connecting with her guides.  Sheri teaches a series of classes, the schedule in on meetup as well as Enerchi. Sheri teaches classes a variety of healing, meditation, yoga, psychic development and metaphysical classes. Sheri founded Structural Body Yoga, a form of Asana, that fuses yoga poses with deep body releases.  No matter what you come to Sheri for, you will always leave with the feeling of love and peace, as she radiates those qualities.

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