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Are you confused about what step to take? I can help you get to the heart of the matter so that you can make informed decisions. What is your higher calling? What really matters? Is this relationship worth it? Should I leave my job? When will this end? When those kinds of questions keep you up at night, I can use my natural born gift to let you know the information you need to go forward, helping you gain peace of mind. If you feel like you are ready to get answers, click the work with me button below to start now!


Sheri gives more than just a reading! She helps you uncover blocks and find ways to heal so that you can live more fully! When you are ready for the truth and ready to claim your power to change what you need to change, Sheri is here to guide you on that path, using her intuition and healing knowledge to bring you back into harmony. See what her clients are saying by clicking on the video!

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive reading give you a layer of insight into your life, allowing you access the spiritual side for guidance.  Making the right decision is  is important,  having the insight to navigate is priceless. I use my intutive and medium skills to “see” into a situation to get the information you need. 

Energy Healings

Ever felt icky after being around someone’s “energy”? We all have! Energy healing helps clear away other people’s energetic debris, past traumas, karmic patterns and assists in physical healing of pain and disease.  Energy healing can help let go of heartache, pain and trauma so that you can feel alive again. 

Intuitive Life Coaching

Many times in a reading,  pattern or situation in need of healing will arise. That’s when you need a intuitive life coach to help guide you through the healing process. Not feeling good enough?  Keep attracting the same doomed relationships? Let intuitive life coaching help leave the past behind!

Training & Retreats

Ready to escape the ordinary and connect with your spiritual side? Join Adrianna and me on one of our many exciting yoga, nature and healing adventures! Retreats include yoga teacher training, tantra couples retreats, and spiritual adventures! Check out my event page for current events! 

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