Giving Back

I have founded my personal and business practices on that you must give to receive. This principle applies to every area of your life, family, relationships, community, even to your health.  It may seem like you are giving a lot and not getting back, but it is simply not so. No matter what kindness, moment of genuine appreciation, donation of time or money, a helping hand, or a smile that energy is sent forward, into the universal bank account. The bible says give and you shall receive. Give the tithe, and you needs will be met. There are many examples from different religious and spiritual practices that site this important principle.

Putting that into action is actually very simple. You can start by offering gratitude to the people in your life, your divine, your life and your body. You can donate unused items to a local charity, or drop off a meal to a friend in need. Anytime, I have seen clients putting this into action, I have seen amazing results and transformations.

Holiday seasons can be lonely, hard and stressful for many people. I challenge you to look around and find a place where you can spread some love and joy. Visit a nursing home, adopt a family for the holidays, drop off a toy, or give a volunteer day. Not only will you feel better, but the energetic domino effect will be huge!

Sending you love and healing in advance!




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