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About Psychic Readings

How many times have you faced anxiety and uncertainty about your future? Wanting to know the best steps you can take now to avoid pitfalls, traps, or worse, repeating the same old pattern again? Scheduling a reading could help!

As a intuitive psychic medium, I use my intuition to tune into your energy field, connect with your guides, (angels, ancestors, ascended masters) this enables me to tap into a vast store house of knowledge to guide you to your best path in the here and now.

Having a reading is a treat and a privilege when used for the highest good of all, I always call in my angels to surround and protect us and to give us the best information for the highest and best good for all. My goal is for you to have an amazing session.




New Years

The New Year is upon us, and many clients have been contacting me to set up their New Year intuitive forecast. As you close out this year and move in to the next, take a moment to reflect on last year. Write down your highlights, your low lights and how you feel the year went for you. How did you grow? Did you keep your heart open? Challenge yourself in new ways? Stay in a pattern you have been in too long? These are all your internal indicators of your growth and progress. When you embrace all that there is with a open heart, asking the divine to support you, your journey will have been on of great knowledge and insight. Remember, before you can fully know another, you must know yourself.  Please don’t  look at your year not in perceived success and failures, for it is an experience for you to learn and grow.

Every day is a chance for you to change your life, each breath is a new opportunity for life, as you approach 2014, exam your heart, live in the moment, and take time for your growth.  Thanks for allowing me to connect with you and the guides to give you a spiritual prospective in what is to come in the year for you.


Love, light and peace,

Sheri B


Giving Back

I have founded my personal and business practices on that you must give to receive. This principle applies to every area of your life, family, relationships, community, even to your health.  It may seem like you are giving a lot and not getting back, but it is simply not so. No matter what kindness, moment of genuine appreciation, donation of time or money, a helping hand, or a smile that energy is sent forward, into the universal bank account. The bible says give and you shall receive. Give the tithe, and you needs will be met. There are many examples from different religious and spiritual practices that site this important principle.

Putting that into action is actually very simple. You can start by offering gratitude to the people in your life, your divine, your life and your body. You can donate unused items to a local charity, or drop off a meal to a friend in need. Anytime, I have seen clients putting this into action, I have seen amazing results and transformations.

Holiday seasons can be lonely, hard and stressful for many people. I challenge you to look around and find a place where you can spread some love and joy. Visit a nursing home, adopt a family for the holidays, drop off a toy, or give a volunteer day. Not only will you feel better, but the energetic domino effect will be huge!

Sending you love and healing in advance!




Bali, Isle of the Gods

My life as an intuitive is an interesting bag! I receive information from the spiritual realm and the physical word. Finding balance is the key to me feeling “normal”. On my spiritual journey, I decided to allows listen to my spirit guides and to just act on their information, no matter how strange it seemed. I got a clear message that I needed to go to Bali and do a yoga training. Of course my rational mind was screaming, “what?!” and all the excuses came up in my head. I still went online found a amazing training program and left my life for a month to embark on this yoga path.

Yoga has been around for over 2,000 years and is not a religion but a union between the body, mind and soul. I have been studying and learning different parts of the 8 limbs of yoga for many years. I have studied right handed Tantra, which is where Hatha yoga came from, chanting, mudra, yantras, meditation and pranayama. With what I knew, this allowed me to put it together as a lifestyle. I had the pieces of fabric, now I have the quilt. I am now a yoga teacher, by the yoga alliance standards. Yoga is more than positions on a mat, it is a lifestyle with ethics of behavior, awareness of yourself, mediation, cleansing, singing, dancing and breathing life and joy into your life!

I was given the best advice by my guides! I spend a month in this beautiful magical place, learning the foundations of a solid yoga life style. I cleansed my chakras, became aware of patterns my body was holding, learned to ride a motor bike, and met the most amazing people who gave me so many gifts! Gifts that I can share to enrich the lives of others.

Taking care of all of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. Having taken a leap of faith, traveling to a strange country, putting myself in an yoga intensive for a month, was the best gift I could give myself.

I hope all of you reading this, give yourself the gift of following your intuition, seeking out other spiritual like minded people to enrich your journey! Learn new things, take up a challenge, open yourself to new ideas! Breath in and expand all area of your life, breath out all tension, stress, and the past! Each breath you take is a new opportunity to create a new life! Bali gave me many gift, I expanded and released in this magical place, with these magical people. The world is beautiful, and I am lucky and blessed to be in it!