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Bali, Isle of the Gods

My life as an intuitive is an interesting bag! I receive information from the spiritual realm and the physical word. Finding balance is the key to me feeling “normal”. On my spiritual journey, I decided to allows listen to my spirit guides and to just act on their information, no matter how strange it seemed. I got a clear message that I needed to go to Bali and do a yoga training. Of course my rational mind was screaming, “what?!” and all the excuses came up in my head. I still went online found a amazing training program and left my life for a month to embark on this yoga path.

Yoga has been around for over 2,000 years and is not a religion but a union between the body, mind and soul. I have been studying and learning different parts of the 8 limbs of yoga for many years. I have studied right handed Tantra, which is where Hatha yoga came from, chanting, mudra, yantras, meditation and pranayama. With what I knew, this allowed me to put it together as a lifestyle. I had the pieces of fabric, now I have the quilt. I am now a yoga teacher, by the yoga alliance standards. Yoga is more than positions on a mat, it is a lifestyle with ethics of behavior, awareness of yourself, mediation, cleansing, singing, dancing and breathing life and joy into your life!

I was given the best advice by my guides! I spend a month in this beautiful magical place, learning the foundations of a solid yoga life style. I cleansed my chakras, became aware of patterns my body was holding, learned to ride a motor bike, and met the most amazing people who gave me so many gifts! Gifts that I can share to enrich the lives of others.

Taking care of all of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. Having taken a leap of faith, traveling to a strange country, putting myself in an yoga intensive for a month, was the best gift I could give myself.

I hope all of you reading this, give yourself the gift of following your intuition, seeking out other spiritual like minded people to enrich your journey! Learn new things, take up a challenge, open yourself to new ideas! Breath in and expand all area of your life, breath out all tension, stress, and the past! Each breath you take is a new opportunity to create a new life! Bali gave me many gift, I expanded and released in this magical place, with these magical people. The world is beautiful, and I am lucky and blessed to be in it!