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Rates - Clarity & Insight


In Office
Intuitive Consultation Office (1 hour @ $175.00)
Intuitive Consultation 30 Minutes Office (30 minutes @ $90.00)
Hypnosis Session (1 hour @ $150.00)
Chakra Balance (1 hour @ $175.00)
Reiki Healing (1 hour @ $150.00)
Energy Healing (1 hour @ $175.00)
Reiki Attunment (30 minutes @ $100.00)
Site Visit
House Clearing $350.00 and up
Party/Event Reading (2 hours @ $350.00)
Phone Reading (15 minutes @ $40.00)
Phone Reading (30 minutes @ $75.00)
Phone Reading (1 hour @ $150.00)
Distance Energy Healing (1 hour @ $150.00)

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One thought on “Rates”

  1. Clarity, insight and wellness is EXACTLY what Sheri will bring you. Sheri is truly awesome. If you have sought her out, don’t hesitate to contact her. I found Sheri about a year ago. I was profoundly depressed and pretty much confined to my house. I just didn’t know how to move forward in my life. Sheri gave me guidance and insight on what was holding me back from success and how to get it. My life has improved drastically. Sheri will always be a positive force in my life. I reach out to Sheri on my down days and I always feel amazing after i talk with her. Sheri is just one of those people that I’m truly blessed to know. So if you have found Sheri, consider it a true blessing and don’t hesitate to reach out.
    Thank you Sheri!!!

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