Clients simply rave about Sheri’s sessions


Card from client
Card from client

Better than a Therapist

Sheri is better than a therapist! She gets into the energy of the person you’re having issues with and explains their perspective. This “takes the edge off” the argument and frequently creates a more compassionate environment. She also identifies your lesson to be learned from the issue and gives suggestions on how to heal yourself so you don’t have to experience the same lesson again!

Sheri gives you hope for your future while giving you confidence in your ability to manifest your dreams. Her information allows you to stay on the highest and easiest path for your goals and provides valuable insight for critical decisions.

I really can’t thank her enough for her work! She has alleviated much stress and anxiety over the past few months and has kept me in line to achieve my dreams.
– K. Nettles

Love You!

I didn’t want 2011 to go by without me thanking you for your presence in my life. You’ve been there through most of the rough patches this year, and you guided me to go within myself to see the Light, thus rebuking the illusion of Darkness. You have laughed with me (and at me ;-D), which has helped me laugh at myself knowing that I am, like us all, Divine in human form; therefore, I will continue to LOVE and grow. Here’s to all the LOVE, Laughter, Happiness, and Prosperity beyond your imagination, Mama. LOVE ya!

-Becky H.

Learned So Much

Dear Sheri, Thank you for being such a special person. I have learned so much from you in such a short

Much Love

– Shelia

Thanks for your Help

For Sheri, I’m in gratitude for all your help in my continued struggles.


– Peggy

Thank you for your Wisdom

Your wisdom and guidance has been a blessing in my life! You are a very amazing psychic! You blow my mind!

– Elaina R.

Tantra Session brought healing

Sheri I came into Atlanta to get another Tantra session, and I came across you! OMG! I did not expect to find someone so natural and advanced! I wanted to take you with me! You are a wonderfully natural tantrika! I was able to connect instantly with you, you put me at ease and I experienced a true energy exchange with you. I cannot say enough about how much I got out of my session with you, and what a wonderful surprise it was.

-Ron, New Jeresy

Brought Me Much Peace

Sheri was able to connect with my daughter who passed away. She knew things that no one else could possibly know. This


communication helped me deal with my grief and know that there is another side to things! My daughter is around me!

-C. Best


I had the good fortune to schedule a massage with Sheri, and afterwards I just spilled my heart out to her. She spent another hour with me talking. With her insight she helped me figure out some major things in my life. I cannot thank her enough for taking her time to change my life. I found out later that she was a healer, but I guess I knew it all along. The massage was great too!

-Matt G

Tantra Coaching for Couples

My wife and I scheduled Sheri for Tantra. We really enjoyed out session. Sheri made us feel at ease and made the session a lot of fun. We learned many new practices that has brought our relationship to a new level all the way around. Every couple should do this! We have had 3 sessions and will be scheduling more.

-Carlos R


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