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Psychic Readings

Psychics have been used for 1,000’s of years for the precious insight into the spirit world for guidance. This psychic information is priceless for its soul-level shifts, deep transformational understandings & knowledge on how to plan for the future. Having a psychic reading can help you understand the in’s & out’s of relationships, career issues, avoid costly mistakes and eliminate negativity from your life!

Do you have questions such as: Can this relationship can be saved, or if its time to move on? Will I stay at my job? When will my finances improve?  Having a psychic reading will answer those questions, giving you peace of mind! If you are ready for answers, book your psychic reading now! Give yourself the gift of clarity and insight!

Energy Healings
Healing the energy body has been performed in every ancient culture for 1000’s of years. Whether you call it prana, energy or chi, we are all talking about the same thing, precious life force!

We are energy beings, emitting a frequency or an energy field around us. Have you ever felt icky after being around someone’s “energy”? We all have!  Many times psychic cords or connections can be draining. You may need to “cut” the cord to stop thinking about someone or to release an energy vampire.

Energy healing such as Reiki, clears away energetic debris, past traumas, karmic patterns and assists in physical healing.  Energy healing can help you release heartache, pain, and trauma so that you can feel alive again.

If you are noticing a pattern, negative thoughts, depression, stuck thoughts or find yourself being over emotional an energy healing session can bring you into harmony and balance.

Intuitive Life Coach
Intuitive life coaching blends the insight of intuition and spirituality with the goal setting and structure of a life coach! Have someone in your corner, helping you to grow, overcome obstacles and stay on track with your life goals with weekly one on one sessions with Sheri! This is for the soul seekers who are ready to conquer their fears, heal their hearts and grab life by the tail! If you are ready for a radical shift, this supportive coaching will give you the support and guidance to create the life you deserve!
Training & Retreats
Looking to have a spiritual soul journey adventure? Join Adrianna and me on one of our many exciting retreats and trainings! Retreats include yoga teacher training, tantra couples retreats, and spiritual adventures! Check out my event page for current events!

I'm Sheri!


I will share my psychic insights to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. A psychic reading can answer questions such as: Are you living your best life? Is this the right person for you? What is your true purpose? When will you get married? Finally really be happy? Wonder how you can you finally achieve the life, relationship or career of your dreams? If you are ready to answer those questions?

Many Blessings!





We are co-creators of our destiny!


Open up to new possibilities! Having a psychic reading and energy healing will clear the blocks, while preparing for the future! Want to know more? Watch the testimonial video!

More than a psychic reading!

When you are ready for a shift, Sheri can guide you on your path, helping you shed old patterns, toxic relationship and mindsets!

These patterns keep you trapped in jobs that aren’t your purpose, relationships that don’t work, and financially strapped! Don’t waste precious time stuck in the past, take control of your future today!

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Life is meant to be lived fully! Sheri can help you to tap into your full potential, using her natural psychic gifts!