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Falls cuffing season could be a little dicey as this full moon takes us into our emotional depths!


September 24, 10:52 pm’s full moon occurs close to the fall equinox and is also known as the Harvest moon!  You will definitely be harvesting relationship karma this go-round, so let’s see why this full moon in Aries is so special!

We have all had our hands full all the planetary mayhem the multiple retrogrades and eclipses brought into our lives these last few months, but this Full moon in Aries at 01°59′ promises to add more fuel to the fire!

This moon squares Aries and Saturn and creating a Saturn T-Square, pulling up a lot of karmic debris. Add a large dash of the wounded healer, Chiron opposite of Mercury to add communication issues into the celestial mix, and we’re in for an interesting few days!

There is a light side to this dark side of the moon, however, with positive aspects with Uranus and Mars to help us break through our cosmic crap and give us the strength and courage to overcome the challenges.

With all this cosmic dust flying around expect our wounds to come up about:
  • Being alone and fears about never finding a partner that is right for you.
  • Failure
  • Intimacy
  • Relationships
  • Rejection
  • Change

The first step of healing is revealing! Let the pain be a guide to your healing. Ask yourself, What am I feeling? Why? Where did this feeling, fear originate? What do I need to learn, heal or release?

Examine what comes up for you and replace those fears with healthier, stronger and better choices. Use what you discover to let yourself heal and shine! 

What to do as the cosmic dust settles:

We all need our scared rituals, prayers, and tools to comfort us as we acknowledge our shadow side. 

  • Avoid drama to stay grounded and centered.
  • Do a full moon releasing ceremony and write down what you want to release in your life and burn the pages outside, releasing the energy into the universe. Fire is a great energy purifier. 
  • Ruby is the gem for this full moon. Wearing your rubies will work on your root chakra, protect you from harm and give you the extra fire you need to burn through karma! 
  • Meditate, reflect and pray and trust your sacred inner wisdom to guide you!
  • Love yourself! You are worthy of all the cosmic blessings this full moon can bestow! 

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