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The upcoming Venus retrograde in Scorpio is the most powerful placement for radical shifts in relationships. 

Cosmic clean-up, Aisle 5! Prepare for things to get a little messy in the love department with the upcoming Venus retrograde starting October 6th. Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months for around 40 days, with this retrograde officially ending on November 17th. Remember however that we catch a little shade a month before and after the official transit is in place – so if you’ve been giving your lover the side eye lately, you are probably already feeling the effects.  

The planet Venus rules over our relationships and this time around its retrograde begins in Scorpio, the sign that rules our secret desires, taboos, and reveals our hidden aspects. Scorpio is not afraid to look into the dark side of things and get down and dirty. Forcing us to acknowledge the things we even hide from ourselves, Scorpio pushes us to dig deep into the karmic dustpan to clean up the past.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.2″]Thankfully, Venus comes into Libra at the end of the transit to help clean up the debris brought to the surface. Libra, representing the duality between logic and instinct, urges us to find the balance between our animalistic and human urges. The lesson for this retrograde then is to find equilibrium between reason and passion and blend your needs with your desire.
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As if this cosmos has not been beating your heart up enough the last few months, Venus retrograde will blast through our illusions about love, money, and beauty. 


Venus rules not only love but also our views on beauty and money. When Venus is retrograde expect to evaluate relationships, looks, personal value, beauty, and bling. You will feel compelled to get rid of those fine lines, change your wardrobe, and dump your boring lover…but not so fast! Hasty decisions now will leave a bad taste in your mouth once Venus comes out of her dark side.

As Scorpio also rules death, taxes, and sex, major changes to relationships and contracts can backfire. So maybe wait a little while before you tell your lover to get lost or settle a debt to determine what your emotions are actually telling you.

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What to expect from Venus’s Darkside:


  • Lovers from the past may show up.  Whether through Instagram or you run into them at the local coffee house or gym, keep your lip gloss on and expect a blast from the past! This can be a good thing if there is still relationship karma to be resolved. However, wait until after the retrograde before making a commitment, because once Venus goes direct, you will be questioning yourself!
  • Past relationship issues come up in a big, unavoidable way. You won’t be able to sweep those old worn out issues under the rug. It’s time to clean up the past.  Focus on loving yourself as you heal and release the karmic baggage and lighten your load.

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  • Wanting to Indulge in luxury bling! The temptation is real and so is the credit card bill! If you really must have that latest phone or new shoes, don’t spend more than you would feel comfortable lending to a friend who you know won’t pay you back. Trust us here! Really need that retail therapy? Then find items with a generous return policy or use layaway to avoid buyers remorse.
  • Opportunities for new relationships, engagements, and marriages, however, relationships started during this period will likely have a nasty surprise later on.  Remember this: If it’s meant to be, 40 days won’t change the future. Wait and you will save yourself buckets of tears.
  • A deep desire and longing for intimacy, connection, and passion. You will feel the sizzle as the retrograde marches on into November, where your sexual energy and desires peak. This is the time for your hidden passions and desires and urges to hook up for a quick roll in the hay or hook up. These things can take a dark turn with stalkers, married lovers, diseases, sex addicts, unplanned pregnancy and theft to name a few common outcomes during this period. Remind yourself: If it’s meant to be, it will be here after November 16th!

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  • Take an honest look at yourself, shake you up, look at your addictions, spending habits and giving you an ego adjustment. Reflect and reevaluate what comes up! Great transformations can be had during this cosmic equalizer!


  • The possibility of meeting a soul mate! There are a few exceptions to the avoiding new relationships rule. There is the off chance that you could meet a soul mate. Rest assured if that happens, you will still be in love after the retrograde is over, so if it fizzles accept the truth and learn the cosmic correction. You were forewarned to take your time here. Reflect before acting is always a retrograde rule!
  • Wait for any drastic makeovers! That orange hair you have been eyeing will turn into an unwelcome fright after Halloween, so save any surgery, tats and wardrobe changes until after mid-November!

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