Everything is moving to digital these days, so why not vision boards? This isn’t for everyone, but for those who prefer creating things digitally over cutting and pasting, digital vision boards are probably right up your ally. 

Creating your boards digitally also makes it really easy to view them all the time from any place since you can keep them on your phone, computer, etc. Plus, it provides a more inclusive experience by giving you the ability to add sound and sometimes video to your boards.

There are a number of ways to create digital vision boards, and fortunately there are many different tools to help you create them in a snap. Here are 6 of the best digital vision board tools.

Online Vision Board Tools & Apps

Goals On Track

Goals on track is one of my favorites apps! It has a digital vison board as part of the app, but adds the best goal tracking system I have come across. This is for those of you who are serious and need accountibilty. 

LINK https://4406b-3f1e78rgk4r0og19s6c4.hop.clickbank.net/


PicMonkey is a free online tool that makes it really easy to create digital vision boards. Here’s a short and sweet tutorial that shows you how easy it is. 

LINK: https://www.picmonkey.com/blog/how-to-make-a-digital-vision-board


Canva is another free online design tool similar to PicMonkey that makes digital vision boards a snap to create. Here’s an article that shows you how. 

LINK:  https://www.canva.com/create/mood-boards/


This site so easy to use and it’s free! It guides you through a set-by-step process that helps you get to your real desires so you can set a more accurate goal. Then, it allows you to easily turn your desires into a digital dream board. 

LINK: http://www.dreamitalive.com/home.aspx

Subliminal Vision Boards

At the low price of only $4.99 on iTunes, this app is worth it. It allows you to create unlimited vision boards, add sound, add Subliminal Mind Retraining to your boards, set up notification reminders, and create an action planner. 

LINK: https://www.subliminalvisionboards.com/

Hay House Vision Board App 

This free app allows you to add images, inspiring messages, music, and recorded voice memos, and it also has a vision board community you can join to help you stay on track.

LINK: https://www.hayhouse.com/the-hay-house-vision-board-app

Mind Movies

Mind Movies turns your static vision board into a digital video vision board. You can fill it up with positive affirmations, inspiring images, and motivational music, and then you get to watch it like a movie. It is also available as a mobile app.

LINK: http://www.mindmovies.com

These tools are a lot of fun to play with and they can certainly bring your goals and dreams to life. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and create a vision board today!

Need advise? We are here to help! Simply comment below or DM us! 

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