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Sheri is a natural born emphatic clairvoyant (psychic) who can see and hear into the spirit world. Extremely accurate with her readings, Sheri loves helping others discover the answers they seek and is known for her direct honesty and sparkling sense of humor.


Adrianna is Sheri's daughter and has inherited much of her intuitive ability. A gifted channeler & lover of the metaphysics, Adrianna gets in contact with your spirit guides to give you direct and honest feedback without judgement to help you break patterns and move forward.


My commitment is to the truth

I will only tell clients what I see; not what they want to hear. My psychic reading style is direct,  compassionate and understanding with a quirky sense of humor. My goal is is to leave you with the knowledge and tools to enrich your life.

My Approach

“Taking hold of your future starts with taking care of yourself!”

My psychic reading style is like a best friend who happens to know all about your life.  I have the ability to accurately understand the feelings of the people in your life. I can “see” the motives of the people around you and accurately predict what they are going to do. I often have a clear inner knowing about what is going happen in your life and how to prepare you for what’s ahead.

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