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I’m Sheri

It’s A Privilege And Honor To Share My Gifts With You!

My psychic experiences started as a child and I seemed to know in advance what was going to happen or what someone’s motives were in a given situation. I would see images and have dreams that came true. I had an inner knowing of the factors at play, and how things would turn out. I thought everyone could see these things until I got older and realized that not everyone was getting the psychic memo.

Having been psychic my whole life, it’s natural to me as breathing. I started my spiritual journey and my psychic gifts began to manifest even stronger than before.  I began taking classes on healing, yoga, meditation and co-creating when my gifts were noticed.  In 2009, I began doing psychic readings professionally and I have done thousands of readings since!



More About Sheri…

Sheri is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, speaker and beloved healer. Sheri has a private practice with a peaceful office and a yoga studio, Enerchi, both in Atlanta, Ga.  When Sheri began her spiritual healing journey, she was 80 pounds overweight, depressed and in an abusive relationship.  Sheri realized that if she wanted to be happy, she was going to have to change herself. Having always been intuitive, Sheri began to seek answers to her life through a blend of meditation, yoga, energy healing and manifesting. Sheri shares her expertise through her yoga school, Enerchi and Clarity Insight and Wellness, her healing center. Sheri has since worked with thousands of people worldwide sharing her love for people and yoga! Sheri is involved with a non-profit that raises money to support victims of sex trafficking and supports no-kill shelters. 


Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Sheri is better than a therapist! She gets into the energy of the person you are having an issue with and explains their perspective. This takes the edge off and creates a more compassionate environment. She also identifies the lesson to be learned by the issues suggestions on how to heal yourself so you don’t have to keep learning the lesson again. Sheri gives you hope for the future while giving you confidence in your ability to manifest your dreams. Sheri helps you make critical decisions while helping you stay on the highest and easiest path! I really can’t thank her enough for her work! She has alleviated much stress and anxiety over the past few years and has kept me in line to achieve my dreams!

Mary Ann C. Equestrian

Thank you for your wisdomYour wisdom and guidance have been a blessing in my life. You are an amazing psychic! You blow my mind with the things you see!

Elaina R Operations Manager

Dear Sheri, Thank you for being such a special person in my life! I leaned so much from you in such a short time! You guided me through some challenging times in my life and helped me see the “big” picture! Much Love! Shelia

Shelia Marketing Executive